Soil are getting a second shot to get things right. The veteran band had a solid start to their music career over the last decade, but then saw several defections slow their progress.

Last year, the band reunited with singer Ryan McCombs, who originally left to join Drowning Pool, and things apparently went so well, McCombs parted ways with Drowning Pool to reunite with Soil. Bassist Tim King tells that the reunion only came about after the past baggage was solved.

"We had been talking about it for a while and it was time to do it," says King. "There were some issues that had to be worked out and we sat down and discussed everything. We all decided that the past was in the past and that we missed playing together. We decided to leave all the problems of the past behind us and start fresh with a new outlook and viewpoint."

The bassist says that everyone was aware that there are times in life when emotions get the best of you and you say things you may regret, and his harsh comments upon McCombs initial exit was one of those times. "We are fortunate enough to all be adults and forgive and learn from past mistakes," says King. "The past is in the past and we are looking forward to a new era and new changes."

King says there are still decisions to be made concerning their reunion. For instance, AJ Cavalier took over on vocals after McCombs left the band, and it's yet to be decided how much, if any, of Cavalier's work the returning vocalist will perform. "Right now we are focused on the older favorites and working on new material," says King. The bassist adds that while the group initially wanted to play it by ear, they are now full in on keeping the band going and writing more songs.