Meet Suspect208, the new alt-rock band featuring the sons of Guns N' Roses legend Slash, Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo and late Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland. The group has just released their debut song, "Long Awaited," a cheeky title for a band whose formation has taken the rock world by surprise.

There's a distinct blend of grunge and garage/alt-rock present on "Long Awaited" — the rhythm section (Slash's son London Hudson on drums and Trujillo's son Tye on bass) is remarkably tight and tastefully busy despite the song's overall carefree vibe. Vocally, Noah Weiland offers some obvious nods to his father with his semi-droning vocal approach and sharp bursts of "Hey!"

Meanwhile, guitarist Niko Tsangaris (who has played with Hudson in their band Classless Act) does an admirable job on guitar, tearing off screeching classic rock licks and fuzzed out '90s-styled rhythms.

Listen to "Long Awaited" below.

In an Instagram post, Hudson shared a photo of the band (seen directly below) and promised, "We got more shit coming soon!"

Suspect208, "Long Awaited"

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