Soulfly made their way to New York City while on tour in support of their new album Archangel, and their fans packed Gramercy Theater. Frontman Max Cavalera and his gang did not disappoint especially as they unleashed a few Sepultura anthems during their set.

Soufly’s show began with new tracks “We Sold Our Souls to Metal” and the title track “Archangel” of their new album, as well as “Ishthar Rising.” Nearly half of their set was made up of new material as more fresh tracks, “Sodomites,” “Shamash,” “Titans” and “Bethlehem’s Blood” were also cranked out.

Although bassist Tony Campos left the band after Archangel was recorded, touring bassist Mike Leon stepped in while Max Cavalera’s son Zyon showed off his percussive skills on drums and guitarist Marc Rizzo steadily shredded it up on guitar throughout the night.  To fans' delight, Soulfly unleashed older favorites

The crowd’s intensity heightened when Sepultura songs “Refuse/Resist,” “Arise/Dead Embryonic Cells” and “Roots Bloody Roots” filled Gramercy Theater. Fans also moshed to older Soulfly tracks “Prophecy,” “Back to Primitive” and the set-ending “Jumpdaf--kup” and “Eye for an Eye.”

Swedish metallers Soilwork received a warm welcome from the NYC crowd. The band is also touring in support of a new album, The Ride Majestic. With 10 albums and nearly two decades of music under their belts, frontman Bjorn Strid and the rest of Soilwork are going strong and their fans base is just as solid.

Despite an incredible night of music, Decapitated fans were bummed that the band couldn’t play due to visa issues which caused them to miss the tour. The Texas boys of Shattered Sun ripped through their set, for a lively, hair-flying set to kick the night off.

Take a look at our photos of Soulfly, Soilwork and Shattered Sun in the gallery above!