So you're in a band, and you want to learn to play like Slayer. Really, why wouldn't you? Number one: they're awesome. Number two: the Slayer tribute band market is about to pick up since the band are about to kick off their farewell tour.

Loudwire's Gear Factor host Squiggy has done the heavy (metal) lifting for you, and not only did he figure out the gear you need, but he also got a band to demonstrate how it sounds. "Demoing gear this way has never even been attempted," Squiggy beams. Anyone can tell you that these axes will make you sound like Slayer, but Squiggy figured out a way to prove it.

Behold! Our first "Gear Factor Challenge," starring Florida thrash band Rhythm of Fear. They're playing a Slayer-inspired jam, as Squiggy describes their gear to you. Watch the video above, and read on for links to where you can buy all of these glorious face-melting tools.

Of course, to sound like Slayer, you must have a two-guitar attack. One six-stringer needs Between the Buried and Me's Dustie Waring's signature PRS guitar. "It's a signature CE guitar with signature mojo tone pickups," Squiggy notes.

Plug that into the new Mark Tremonti MT115 Lunchbox, which has a pretty colorful feature. "When the head is lit blue, you get a nice, heavenly, clean tone." Not that you'll need that when you're covering Slayer!

"When the light is blood red, you get that devilish gain." Now we're talking!

For guitarist number two, grab yourself a Zemaitis metal front guitar. Squiggy marvels, "This guitar is not just stunning, it is brutal!" That gets plugged into the Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170. "It's one of the most forward-thinking pieces of gear I have ever seen... this rig is absolutely game-changing!"

Plug that axe into the palladium pedal and... you might want to sit down for this next part. "Run it through a John Mayer signature 2x12 PRS cabinet. That's right: I said John Mayer! For this episode, he will be known as 'John Slayer.'"

For the low end, you'll want an ESP LTD RB-1004 bass with Seymour Duncan quarter pound pickups. "It definitely lives up to ESP's metal tradition with that growl!"

So, there you go: you've got the tools to sounds like the most badass metal band of all time. And catch the real thing on tour this summer: check out their dates here.


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