It may have seemed like an odd pairing when the bad boys of rock, Aerosmith, teamed up with family friendly Disney a couple of decades ago for the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster attraction at the Orlando theme park, but did Steven Tyler slip something not so clean pass the powers that be that finally got caught all these years later?

For years, there has been an intro to the ride in which the members of Aerosmith send those about to board the coaster on their way. In it, Tyler appears to salute those boarding with a thumb-to-ring finger gesture known as "the shocker" to many. For years, this went unaltered, but Inside the Magic reports that Tyler's hand gesture no longer appears as "the shocker." Watch the video below for the current show presentation.

As you can see, Tyler now holds up a four-fingered salute as the riders board the coaster. While Disney has not commented on the change, Tyler had a little fun with it after the story began to spread. Check out his tweet below:

Aerosmith are currently off the road, but will resume touring in September, with more dates booked into October. See their current schedule here.

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