Ever since Stone Sour unveiled the trailer in late February for 'Do Me a Favor,' fans have been not-so-patiently waiting to find out what the full vividly artistic clip would end up being. As it turns out, frontman Corey Taylor and company have incorporated several of the characters from the 'House of Gold & Bones Part 2' concept album into the animated narrative for the clip.

Taylor says, "The 'Do Me A Favor' video is actually based loosely on a part of the short story that happens towards the end. It's a lot of action and fire. All the main characters are there: The Human, Allen, Peck, Black John and the Numbers ... It's a great ride."

The clip's main character is a weathered traveler seeking shelter inside an abandoned church. While there he reflects on his youth, a comforting mother figure and a tyrant who held control over his life. It's not long before he's discovered by an evil looking priest and sent scurrying. Upon opening the doors to the church, he's greeted with the desolate landscape of zombie-like creatures closing in, but there's one person amongst the masses that seems to be his peer. Together, they unite inside the church to take on the preacher and a fight for survival ensues.

The clip's animated style looks like something right out of a comic, which is fitting since Stone Sour is planning a comic series coinciding with the release of 'House of Gold & Bones' next month. The band recently previewed some of the artwork and pages for the upcoming series here at Loudwire.

The 'House of Gold & Bones Part 2' album arrives April 9 and pre-orders are currently underway here. The band will spend the spring on tour promoting it as part of the 'Road to the Golden Gods' trek.

Watch Stone Sour's 'Do Me a Favor' Video