Stone Sour drummer Roy Mayorga was featured on a new episode of Syfy’s Paranormal Witness. In the show, Mayorga recalled a haunted encounter while staying at a friend’s place, where a ghost apparently shook the drummer’s bed in the middle of the night.

Paranormal Witness has been bringing viewers documentary-style recollections of unexplained experiences since 2011. For five seasons, Paranormal Witness has recreated alien encounters, bigfoot sightings and even tales of real-life werewolves, according to those telling the stories. Most episodes, however, deal with hauntings.

In the episode ‘The Pit,’ Mayorga shares his frightening confrontation where an invisible force jolted the drummer awake. “I woke up like, ‘What the hell?’ I just felt like a pair of eyes were watching me,” the drummer recalls. “When a bed shakes like that, I think that would wake anybody up… though my wife, she slept through it. Then I heard footsteps [makes stepping sound]. It was like someone was in front of the bed [and shook it]. For a second, I thought it was an earthquake tremor. [Bang] Another shove. It definitely was not an earthquake. I was scared s—tless. There was no other logical explanation. I knew it was definitely a supernatural experience.”

Mayorga isn’t the only member of Stone Sour to claim an encounter with the paranormal. Frontman Corey Taylor wrote an entire memoir about his experiences with ghosts — A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven.

Watch Roy Mayorga’s appearance on Paranormal Witness in the clip above!

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