Stone Sour's ambitious new double-disc release 'House of Gold and Bones' is coming into focus. The first disc, 'House of Gold & Bones: Part 1,' is due Oct. 23, and the band has now revealed the full track listing.


Singer Corey Taylor recently stated of the effort, "Each disc will included one half of the story - for lyrics, you'll have to [visit] our site." The singer has called the concept "a morality play," centering around the choices that are made in life.

Stone Sour just issued the interconnecting songs 'Gone Sovereign' and 'Absolute Zero,' which serve as the first two songs on the new album and give the disc a jolt to kick things off.

Guitarist Josh Rand says of the new disc, "'House of Gold & Bones' takes everything that's great about this band and amplifies it. The riffs, the lyrics, the grooves and the songs are like Stone Sour times 10. There's also heavy stuff that's like nothing we've ever done before. It's dark as hell and a complete experience from the first track to the last."

In addition to the first portion of 'House of Gold & Bones,' Taylor also recently revealed he was attempting to lock in a company to offer a companion comic book to accompany the story told in the two releases, but so far an official announcement has not been made.

Though a firm release date has not been set, the second portion of the 'House of Gold & Bones' double-disc is expected in May 2013.

Stone Sour, 'House of Gold & Bones: Part 1' Track Listing:

1. 'Gone Sovereign'
2. 'Absolute Zero'
3. 'A Rumor of Skin'
4. 'The Travellers Part 1'
5. 'Tired'
6. 'RU486'
7. 'My Name Is Allen'
8. 'Taciturn'
9. 'Influence of a Drowsy God'
10. 'The Travellers Part 2'
11. 'Last of the Real'