The last decade of Stryper's career has been quite prolific and they're set to expand their catalog with the curiously titled God Damn Evil.

The album, due April 20 through Frontiers Music SRL, appears to break one of the Ten Commandments laid out in the Bible, which is to not take God's name in vain. We're no theistic experts, so we can't say for certain if the conjunction of "God" and "damn" is sinful, but it's already started raising eyebrows from the band's fans.

Implications aside, God Damn Evil will feature 11 new songs and frontman Michael Sweet weighed in on the record, telling The Metal Voice, "I can tell you this: if you kind of take the best of a handful of Stryper albums and you kind of roll it up into a big old fat burrito, that's what you're gonna get with this album."

The singer noted there's some nods to the band's classic material, adding, "On a couple of songs, you're going to hear qualities of Against the Law, you're going to hear qualities of Fallen, you're going to hear qualities of No More Hell to Pay — and even To Hell With the Devil and Soldiers [Under Command]. You're going to get the best of all those worlds in one world."

This will also be the first Stryper album for newly-instated bassist Perry Richardson, who replaced longtime supplier of the low end, Tim Gaines, last year. Check out the artwork and track listing for God Damn Evil below.

Stryper, God Damn Evil Artwork + Track Listing

Frontiers Music SRL
Frontiers Music SRL

01. "Take It to the Cross"
02. "Sorry"
03. "Lost"
04. "God Damn Evil"
05. "You Don't Even Know Me"
06. "The Valley"
07. "Sea of Thieves"
08. "Beautiful"
09. "Can't Live Without Your Love"
10. "Own Up"
11. "The Devil Doesn't Live Here"

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