Suicide Silence have only released two tracks off their forthcoming eponymous record, the band's second to feature vocalist Eddie Hermida, and Suicide Silence's new sonic approach has left their fans divided. While some have been praising the utilization of clean vocals and a revamped sound, countless others have condemned the move as heresy and are now attempting to block the release of Suicide Silence.

The comments sections on YouTube have been flooded with criticism for abandoning the deathcore sound that Suicide Silence made their name on. It's gone even further as a petition has been launched, with the headline reading "Suicide Silence: Don't release new album. Plz. #NoDoris," the hashtag of course being linked to the first single, "Doris," which came under heavy fire from fans.

The page also states that the petition will be delivered to the band as well as their record label, Nuclear Blast.

When we caught up with Hermida at NAMM (video below), we asked him about the escalating backlash, to which he responded, “Those comments, to me, they’re coming from such a place of pain. [It’s] almost like that’s not what they’re really saying. What they’re really saying is, ‘Hey, I’m hurting, this song made me feel more hurt and I need to put that on the Internet to see. Please pay attention to me.’ I go and I read all of the comments, so please give me everything you’ve got, because I love it. I love every second of it.”

This shows how some bands are seemingly caught in the proverbial rock and a hard place, catching flak for not evolving their sound and retreading the same steps, or, as is the case here, taking heat for changing their musical direction, distancing their sound from the one fans latched onto in the first place.

Barring a sudden and overwhelming effectiveness of this campaign, Suicide Silence will be released on Feb. 24. The band will be on the road offering a unique experience for fans to hang with them after the show, enjoying a listening party where the new record will be played in full. Get a list of stops at our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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