The judges didn't expect that for sure!

Not slam related but lmao. When someone covers Suicide Silence at a talent show. The judges didn't expect that for sure!

When a man took the stage on Romania's Got Talent dressed in his finest suit, he transcended judgement of his tied back mohawk, but only for a terminally short while. The ultra downtuned guitars and concussive drumming of Suicide Silence's "Unanswered" came roaring through the PA system and the contestant started swaying back and forth with nervous energy before assaulting the judges and audience with his shrieking high screams and low gutturals.

This is something we've seen before, but the reaction, though consistently the same, is always worth watching. The panel of judges sit with their mouths agape and the man on the far right of the clip immediately jumps out of his seat, seemingly unaware any human could ever produce these sounds. After some time, the rest of the panel begins to laugh when the performance doesn't stop, though they knowingly have the power to hit the buzzer, light up the 'X' in front of the judge's table and collectively put an end to it. Only one judge hits the buzzer, but it comes right at the end of the song's two minute duration. Sorry!

During the performance, the judge in the gray suit jumps onstage to stands near the contestant along with the two co-hosts of the program and they start headbanging as the singer continues to bellow. When the song concludes, the judge sticks his fingers in his mouth and whistles, saluting the contestant's efforts.

It's always nice to see someone introduce extreme music upon a most unsuspecting public, especially on a scale like this where the program is watched by thousands upon thousands of viewers. Of course, we never expect to see these contestants pass the test and make it to the next round or win anything, but the attempt is definitely welcome!

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