One year ago, today (Nov. 1), Suicide Silence vocalist Mitch Lucker died in a Orange County, Calif. hospital approximately nine hours after crashing his motorcycle. Suicide Silence are widely known as one of deathcore's most popular bands, but the outpouring of emotion after Lucker's death was, and still is, overwhelming. To celebrate Lucker's music, we offer 'You Only Live Once' as our Video of the Day.

Lucker battled alcoholism, according to his wife, Jolie Carmadella, who pleaded with the 28-year-old singer not to ride his bike that night. Unfortunately, Lucker rode while under the influence, passing away far too young as a result.

'You Only Live Once' now takes on a whole new meaning to Suicide Silence fans. Already phenomenally popular before Lucker's death, the video for 'You Only Live Once' is currently approaching 30 million views on YouTube. Fans have taken lyrics such as, "You only live one life / For a very short time / So make every second divine," and "Live life hard / You only get one shot," to heart, inspiring millions to seize the day every single day of their lives.

No matter your musical preference, you've gotta love the music video for 'You Only Live Once.' Acting as human targets at a gun range, receiving gun fire from a myriad of characters toting everything from pistols, to chain guns, to rocket launchers. The members of Suicide Silence withstand an insane amount of damage, but keep the song going strong until the end.

Suicide Silence recently announced that they were moving on with new singer Eddie Hermida. But here, we pay tribute to Mitch Lucker's musical legacy. Check out the video for 'You Only Live Once' above!