The camera phones were rolling over the weekend at the second annual Housecore Horror Film Festival in Austin, Texas, when the event's founder, Philip H. Anselmo, and his band Superjoint Ritual played a reunion show. Their entire fan-shot set is above, with some individual songs that were filmed a little closer to the action below.

With everybody's busy schedules in other bands, Anselmo made it clear that the show was not a sign of a permanent reunion.

“It is a one-off, a hundred percent, as of right now, man," Anselmo says. "It’s something that we get asked about quite a bit, but, really, for us, if you look at the guys that are in the band, original members, it’s really me and Jimmy [Bower, guitar], and, of course, we’ve got Kevin Bond coming in on guitar and whatnot.”

Anselmo continues, “But, really, if you look at just Jimmy and me alone, we’re gonna be crazy busy coming up in 2015 as well, and Jimmy with Eyehategod and whatever obligations Down decides to take on. But I think the main focus of next year would be, maybe around summer time, is getting [to work on] that third [Down] EP. And other than that, man, I wanna write another solo record and produce some bands. So, [there will be] not as much touring for me next year.”

Superjoint Ritual, 'Everyone Hates Everyone'

Superjoint Ritual, 'Superjoint Ritual'

Superjoint Ritual, 'Waiting For The Turning Point'

Superjoint Ritual, 'F--k Your Enemy'

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