Surgical Meth Machine is the newest project to be added to Ministry mastermind Al Jourgensen's already esteemed résumé. The outfit is a product of Jourgensen and longtime engineer Sam D'Ambruoso and the eponymous debut record is set for release next week on April 15 through Nuclear Blast. A lyric video for "I Don't Wanna," the third song to be released, has been made available and can be viewed above via the Wall Street Journal.

"I Don't Wanna" is the fifth track on Surgical Meth Machine and features Dead Kennedys legend Jello Biafra splitting vocal duties with Jourgensen as they both fire out incensed words about the ethos of today's 'rock stars.' Lines like "I don't wanna be a rock star / I just wanna get paid" and "I don't wanna go to the Grammys / I just wanna go to the bank" and plenty of other scathing lyrics. The words flash across the screen, illuminated in neon pink and green text as clips of burlesque dancers and piles of cash flash by.

The album is replete with social commentary as Jourgensen rips into the social media age that pervades every day life as well as the media. The mainman told Loudwire in a recent interview, "Times are so s–tty now that people get their escapism five minutes at a time all f–king day long on YouTube and Facebook and Twitter. This is our new Hollywood stars. As far as I’m concerned, Donald Trump is doing no different than what the studios did with Clark Gable and [Greta] Garbo in the ‘30s. It’s all escapism, and that’s where we’re at now. We’ve dumbed down the populous so all we want to do is get instant gratification and take our minds off the misery of living in this society."

Pre-orders for Surgical Meth Machine are available now and can be made here.

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