'Suspiria' is a cult classic Italian horror film released in 1977. Directed by horror master Dario Argento, the film revolves around an American ballet singer who finds herself within a coven of witches. 'Suspiria' has been acclaimed for both its substance and visual sophistication, along with the film's soundtrack performed by prog rock band Goblin. A remake of 'Suspiria' is set to be released in 2013, and if there's one thing that makes a classic horror film even better, it's a remake!

There are two bands who have named their projects after the movie. Suspiria, who retained the classic spelling of the film, were a darkwave / goth rock band from England, but perhaps the most notable act named after the film is Susperia, which uses an 'e' in place of the title's first i'. Created by Tjodalv of Dimmu Borgir and Cyrus of Satyricon in 1998. The Norwegian black metal act have released five full-length albums since 2001, along with one EP.

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