Like a bolt out of the blue, Evanescence rocketed from anonymity to stardom on the strength of their global smash hit, “Bring Me to Life,” from 2003’s Fallen album, which made the group’s singer and pianist Amy Lee almost a household name. Of course there’s really no such thing as overnight success in the music business, and Evanescence had in fact existed since 1995, when Lee and guitarist Ben Moody began writing songs together in their native Little Rock, Arkansas. The duo slowly built a local following and recorded a pair of independent EPs prior to signing to Wind-up Records (home to Creed); then they set to work on the aforementioned Fallen with the help of numerous session players, including second guitarist John LeCompt, bassist Will Boyd and drummer Rocky Gray. Nearly 20 million copies sold later, Fallen set up Evanescence for a long and prosperous touring career, despite a bitter falling out between Lee and Moody in 2003, and continued membership changeover throughout the next decade-plus. Nevertheless, the band has since earned two Grammy awards, released their five-times-platinum sophomore album, The Open Door in 2006, and followed it with a gold-selling eponymous third album in 2011. Three years later, Lee finally confirmed the launch of a long mooted solo career, which likely means she’ll be putting the Evanescence brand on ice, if not entirely out to pasture quite yet.

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