Randy Blythe

As the frontman for leading American metal band, Lamb of God, Randy Blythe first distinguished himself for his powerful voice and magnetic stage charisma, but more recently, a bizarre incident in Europe almost transformed him into a victim of his own celebrity. David Randall Blythe was born in Richmond, Virginia, on February 21, 1971 and though he played with several local bands, his long road to stardom began in earnest when he joined local outfit Burn the Priest in 1995 -- then stuck with them all the way through the release of their eponymous debut CD in 1999, at which time they adopted the new moniker, Lamb of God. Signing with Prosthetic Records, Lamb of God drew immediate praise for 2000’s excellent ‘New American Gospel’ album and toured relentlessly until the 2003 arrival of next effort, ‘As the Palaces Burn,’ which helped the group gain recognition among the leaders of the so-called New Wave of American Heavy Metal. For his part, Blythe was initially frequently compared to Pantera singer, Phil Anselmo, because of his commanding, muscular vocal style, but his personal talents were recognized in due time, as Lamb of God carried on touring and religiously throughout the ‘10s, after graduating to a major label deal with Epic Records. then, while performing in the Czech Republic on June 2012, Blythe was arrested and later indicted on manslaughter charges relating to a concert two years prior, where a nineteen-year-old fan named Daniel Nosek had been seriously hurt in the mosh pit and subsequently died. Thankfully, after facing the accusations in a Czech court of law, Blythe was acquitted and allowed to resume his career with Lamb of God -- but not before penning a memoir, ‘Dark Days: My Tribulation and Trials,’ about this traumatic experience.

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