Just because we haven't heard much from industrial alt-metal group Terror Universal since their 2018 debut Make Them Bleed was released doesn't mean they've gone away. They're still eyeing a new record and, you can check out a first look at the new music video for "Spines," one of the new tracks from their upcoming record, below.

In addition, as a reminder they haven't gone anywhere, drummer and founder Massacre is sharing his 10 Favorite Rock + Metal Supergroups with you.

He speaks from the perspective of experience as Terror Universal is a supergroup in itself that unites members of Ill Nińo (you'll recognize Massacre as Ill Nińo's Dave Chavarri) and Upon a Burning Body. Here's what he had to say...

Throughout my career, I had always wanted to put a band together, that had a masked theme, but really heavy like early Metallica and theatrical like Dimmu Borgir/KISS. After jamming initial music together, with then original Terror Universal guitarist Thrax (Rob Cisneros), to the song that became "Welcome To Hell" I knew it was going to be a bloody, heavy and brutal band.

After our initial EP release, I made an amazing lineup change and added monster vocalist Plague and stage beast bassist Diabolus (ex-Upon A Burning Body). Currently, we are hard at work on our sophomore album release.

In the meantime, here are my picks for my 10 Favorite Rock + Metal Supergroups.


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