A few weeks ago, Terror Universal were in the headlines following accusations by Otep vocalist Otep Shamaya that she was groped by Terror Universal frontman Chad Armstrong on a previous tour. Otep exited the "Civil Unrest" tour that begins June 2, and Terror Universal were removed from the bill. Now, Terror Universal has announced in a statement that they have parted ways with Armstrong.

The statement on Terror Universal's Facebook page says, "Friends and fans, thank you for always supporting TU. We want to inform you, that due to personal differences, and the course of events these past couple of weeks, "Chad Armstrong" is no longer the lead singer for Terror Universal."

It goes on to say, "We will debut Terror Universal's new singer this weekend at the "Texas Independence Fest." Next week we will post live video, so you can all hear and see our new kickass singer. We promise, our new frontman is everything you would expect from TU!! We wish Chad good luck, and thank all Terror Universal friends & fans for all your support."

The only other date currently on Terror Universal's tour calendar is a show in Switzerland on Aug. 9.

In an interview with Metal Sucks, Shamaya elaborated on the incident, which she says happened during a meet-and-greet. She described in detail what happened, and also said, "This kind of an assault does something to you psychologically and emotionally. I know that there are a lot of people who don’t understand that and will try to say that I’m overacting. But unless it’s happened to you, you don’t know what that kind of violation feels like. It was really tough. I was very, very angry about the whole situation."