English progressive metal act Tesseract took fans by storm with a packed show at Irving Plaza. Out in support of their new album Polaris, the band wrapped up their stateside trek in New York City.

After parting ways with frontman Ashe O’Hara, the band’s original vocalist Daniel Tompkins was back and crushed the stage. Tesseract pulled no punches as they cranked out brand new tracks “Dystopia,” “Hexes” and “Survival” off of the new release Polaris. Fans also unleashed during notable favorites “April,” “Concealing Fate, Part 1: Acceptance,” “Concealing Fate Part 2: Deception” and “Concealing Fate, Part 3: The Impossible.” With their mix of heavy and ambient sounds combined with their intense energy, there live show is nothing short of a sensory overload and there is no other band out there quite like Tesseract.

The Contortionist took the stage beforehand and offered a powerful set. Their balance of heavy and melodic music got fans singing and moshing, especially to “Flourish,” “Holomovement” and “Primordial Sound.” There’s a lot of complex elements to the sound that the Contortionist provides and it’s their expressive live performance that is a big part of what draws fans to their music and the band as a whole.

Support also included Erra, who marked not only the last night of the tour but also the last show for vocalist Ian Eubanks with the band. Eubanks was emotional during the set but the band performed with force and got the pit going early on. Skyharbor, which happens to be Tesseract singer Daniel Thompson’s former band, kicked off the night with a lively performance.

Take a look at our gallery above of Tesseract and the Contortionist performing in New York City.

Watch Tesseract's Music Video For "Survival":

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