There were predictions that Testament would be releasing a new album in mid-2019, but that window has passed. Drummer Gene Hoglan has said he believes the band still intends to release the successor to 2017's Brotherhood of the Snake this year.

As a guest on the Talk Toomey podcast (audio below), the Atomic Clock detailed the band's recording schedule and who they were working with.

"I know the band was shooting for completing the album by June 12," said Hoglan, who went on, "I know that they had that as a pretty hard target for completion of all the tracks."

The drummer then revealed that Testament were once again tracking the album with engineer Juan Urteaga and that Andy Sneap, who is currently committed to playing in Judas Priest, will handle the mixing as he has done on every Testament studio album since 1999's The Gathering.

"Juan's great to work with," praised Hoglan, who shouted out some other highlights on Urteaga's résumé. "People might know him from the Machine Head albums that he's done and he's done a lot of tracking for Testament in the past, as well as Ted Nugent, Night Ranger — God, you name it. Juan's awesome to work with. I love tracking with Juan. He's a cool guy, super positive, and that's always fun."

Speaking about when the album will be released, the drummer shied away from making any definitive declarations. He did confess there's a suspected target date when he said, "I am not the person to be making the official statement, but I believe the band wants to get the album out in 2019, I think. And in order to do so, it had to be completed by the middle of June, so if gets mixed, whenever it's mixed and pressed and whatnot, so I would imagine Testament is shooting for a 2019 release."

Knowing things don't always work out as planned, Hoglan did open up the possibility for a 2020 release, stating, "And I would also imagine if that didn't happen, then early 2020."

Gene Hoglan on the Talk Toomey Podcast

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