It’s ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ time once again! In this episode, legendary Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick clears up the truths and falsehoods written about him on Wikipedia.

After a little break, ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ has returned for a new season and we’ve got some awesome new episodes for your eyeballs. We started off with Alex’s parents, who are both PhD graduates from Yale. Turns out the accomplished academics weren’t completely supportive of Alex becoming a thrash musician at first, as his folks didn’t “get it.”

Alex confirmed the silver streak in his hair appeared at age 14, at first only as a single gray strand. The guitarist theorized how it came to be, remembering how he used to play on dangerous grounds in elementary school and hitting his head. Skolnick also declared “fiction” on Wikipedia’s reasoning as to why he left Testament back in 1993.

Our favorite part of the episode comes thanks to Alex’s short stint as Ozzy Osbourne’s lead guitarist. Skolnick recalls some hilarity during Ozzy’s practice sessions, like when the Prince of Darkness gave a death stare to his prospective teleprompter operator. Alex performed one show with Ozzy and everyone, including Ozzy, seemed to approve of Skolnick’s playing. However, Alex believes it was the will of one person which halted his future in Ozzy’s solo band. We’re pretty sure you can guess who.

Check out the Alex Skolnick edition of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ above and stay tuned for new episodes every Wednesday! Testament will release their 11th studio album, The Brotherhood of the Snake, on Oct. 28!

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