Testament are currently enjoying one of the most successful albums of their career, 'Dark Roots of Earth,' and they recently turned up at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards to not only take their rightful place amongst metal's top acts, but also to serve as presenters, introducing one of metal's top young acts, the Dillinger Escape Plan.

Loudwire caught up with Testament guitar great Alex Skolnick on the black carpet and he shared his thoughts on the Dillinger Escape Plan, Testament's current success and what it's meant to see the fans still there this far into their career. Check out our interview below:

Welcome Alex. So you're getting a chance to present the Dillinger Escape Plan.

We're bringing out Dillinger Escape Plan and I've seen them play. They're something different and I've seen some of the audience scratching their heads and that's when you know -- this is really cool.

I've always been a little bit of an oddball cause I don't just do metal and these guys kind of get that. I get where they're coming from and they get where I'm coming from and I feel a special kinship to this band.

And it's been another great year with Testament, another solid album…

Yeah, we did this record and low and behold it's gotten so much attention. All we knew was that we liked it and we weren't sure how it was going to go over. We're not up for an award tonight, but we did get iTunes Metal Album of the Year, charted higher on Billboard than we ever had and have gotten a lot of acknowledgements. It was totally unexpected and it's just great to be part of it.

Given the history of the band, which has been on and off, how gratifying is it to see success at this stage of your career?

Yeah, we just sort of dipped our toes in the pool a few years ago and it's really great. It's a really cool reminder that even though we have a loyal fan base, we're not the most recognized name. But we know now that the whole time there were people listening to our music. It was really respectful and it's really nice to get that.

And I remember you doing the retreat a few years back really before there were so many musicians doing that. Might you consider doing that again?

I think I'm going to do another one, schedule permitting.

I love that that's become such a big thing these days and it's really great for the fans. Can you talk about your experience on the first one?

It's really great. I wish I had that kind of access to my favorite band when I was first starting. I love teaching. I really do. And some guys complain about teaching and would rather not, but I love to teach.