Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian was forced to sit out of last night's (Jan. 26) show in Kansas City, Mo., after taking ill. Filling in for Ian at the show were the two guitarists Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson from co-headliners Testament, as well as musicians from Death Angel who all switched off during different songs throughout Anthrax's set.

Very shortly before taking the stage at the Midland last night, Scott Ian found himself unable to perform. No further details regarding the axe-man's illness have been made publicly known and as of this posting, Ian has not been active on his Twitter page since missing the show.

As Anthrax took the stage last night, frontman Joey Belladonna addressed the issue. “Thanks for bearing with us,” vocalist Joey Belladonna told the audience. “We’ll be as good as we can.” The Kansas City Star reported that Belladonna became a little flustered with the unpredictability and understandable sloppiness of the show. “Who’s next?” Belladonna asked onstage. “I don’t even know who’s coming in and out.”

Prior to the show, Ian spoke with the Kansas City Star about Belladonna's return to the band. “Joey is the singer of Anthrax until there is no more Anthrax,” Ian declared. “I think it’s been proven beyond doubt this is the band that is supposed to be Anthrax.”

Anthrax are still set to play tonight's (Jan. 27) show in Indianapolis, Ind.