You want some good ol' gritty hard rock? Then you might want to check out Texas Hippie Coalition's 'Ride On' album. Big Dad Ritch, John Exall, Cord Pool and Timmy Braun recently released the 'Ride On' disc and unleashed their 'El Diablo Rojo' single. Loudwire recently had a chance to interview Texas Hippie Coalition frontman Big Dad Ritch and you can check out our discussion of the band's album, their tour plans and more below.

Congrats on the new album. Coming off of 'Peacemaker,' can you talk about the mindset going into the 'Ride On' album? Did you have an idea of what you wanted to do?

I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted the world to know that rock 'n' roll ain't dead. I wanted to stay true to my roots, and have the songwriting format that THC started out with. Songs like 'El Diablo Rojo' and 'Bottom of a Bottle' both stem from our first CD, 'Pride of Texas.' We also knew that we had gained a lot of fans with the songwriting format and song styling of our last album, 'Peacemaker.' We let that ring true in songs like 'Go Pro,' 'I Am the End' and 'Ride On.'

At the same time, we wanted something fresh and new. We wanted something that not only caught the fans off guard, but set them on their ear, which we feel we succeeded in doing with tracks like 'Monster in Me,' 'Rubbins Racin' and 'Rock Ain't Dead.' In saying that 'Rock Ain't Dead,' with this album we wanted the world to know that rock truly is not dead. It is alive and beating deep in the heart of Texas. Basically, we were out to make Gene Simmons eat his words.

You worked with Skidd Mills on this album, who has a great track record. Can you talk about what Skidd added to the overall scope of the disc?

Working with Skidd was an honor and a pleasure, as well as very easy. Put me and Skidd in a room and we could probably have 10 songs for 10 different bands in less than 10 days time. Skidd Mills has mad skills and I know we will be working together again in the not so distant future.

Getting into the album a bit, we had a chance to premiere 'El Diablo Rojo' here at Loudwire. Can you talk about your thoughts on the song being chosen as one of the singles for this album?

'El Diablo Rojo,' the Red Devil, for all you English speaking folks, is basically a song that is about myself, the red bull. Whenever I have to go down to Juarez, Mexico to dump a few bodies, I always end up hanging out with some vaqueros and they all refer to me as El Diablo Rojo. I must say again, it was a great HIGH teaming up with Loudwire to premiere this song. A song that is truly in the spirit of true red dirt metal, pure THC, solely Pride of Texas.

I also wanted to ask about 'I Am the End,' one of the more emotionally powerful tracks on this disc and a bit of a change of pace. Can you discuss that song?

The song 'I am the End' is really more about change and new beginnings. Although, it is truly the end of an old chapter it is the birth and beginning of a new chapter. Sometimes when something is in need of being saved you need not play hero, you need not draw sword nor prepare shield you need to only use your heart. Love will conquer all.

You're hitting the road this fall and with the album out now, you can dig a little deeper into the album. What songs are you most interested in seeing translated live?

The songs that I am looking forward to playing live off of the new album are most definitely 'Go Pro' and 'Bottom of a Bottle.' Both songs reek of stinky, sticky THC. So much heart and soul in these two songs spills over on the album that when played live it’s going to be like a Pentecostal church broke out at a hockey game. Can’t wait to get on the road and show some love and kick everybody in the neck.

The trek features dates with Fozzy and Shaman's Harvest. Your thoughts on the bands you are touring with this fall? Seems like a great tour.

The upcoming tour with Fozzy and Shaman's Harvest is going to be insane. The tour name Cinderblock Party that Chris Jericho came up with should say it all. It's gonna be a party, a heavy hard hittin' party. Get your tickets now or I’ll hit ya with a chair!

What's on the horizon for Texas Hippie Coalition? Time off for the holidays? Touring, new songs in the New Year?

Hell were gonna put some miles on some tires. It's time to promote this CD, baby. We have an idea to put out a 4-track CD every 4/20 for the next 5 years available only in CD form. No downloads, hardcopy only, only available at shows and Then in 2020 we will release all 20 songs, CD and downloads, on one album, call it the '420 Chronicles Collection.' Time to put on our capes & save rock and roll…

I know Texas Hippie Coalition love their hot sauces. What's the best you've come across in your travels?

You best try my hot sauce. It’s called the "Mean Gringo" -- a rare green hot sauce jalapeno based. My motto is "Your momma hates me but she loves my sauce…."
Love you Loudwire, you loudmouth SOB, nothing against your mother...

And many thanks to Texas Hippie Coalition's Big Dad Ritch for the interview. The 'Ride On' album is available on Amazon and iTunes. Look for Texas Hippie Coalition on tour at these locations.

Listen to Texas Hippie Coalition's 'El Diablo Rojo'

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