Texas Hippie Coalition are ready to rock you and they've teamed up with Loudwire to premiere their new song 'El Diablo Rojo.' The track comes from the band's upcoming disc, 'Ride On,' which is due Oct. 7 via Carved Records / Universal.

The wild and reckless pride of Texas crank it up on 'El Diablo Rojo,' delivering a ballsy anthemic rocker. Big Dad Ritch explains, "There is a place down in Texas called El Paso. If you live there, you refer to it as 'Hell Paso.' When I visit, I always have to cross over the Rio Grande to get there. When I¹m down there, all the locals call me El Diablo Rojo. For all you English speaking folks, that is the Red Devil."

The band split their time between their native Denison, Texas, and Nashville while recording the album, teaming up with Grammy Award-winning producer Skidd Mills on the effort. Big Dad Ritch adds, "Skidd’s a great guy, and he’s very easy to work with. My brain fires like lightning. Once an idea hits my head, I’m off and running. Skidd kept up with us. It was one of the fastest albums I’ve ever put together.”

If you like 'El Diablo Rojo,' be sure to pre-order Texas Hippie Coalition's 'Ride On' at iTunes or Amazon. And check out Texas Hippie Coalition's upcoming tour dates here.

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