That Metal Show is set to return for its 14th season on Saturday, Feb. 21, on VH1 Classic with Rush frontman Geddy Lee as its first guest, plus Dream Theater guitar master John Petrucci as its musical guest.

Leading up to the first episode, we spoke with That Metal Show co-host Don Jamieson about a number of topics. We wanted to know who he felt was the greatest guest ever on the show; the artist he personally was most thrilled to have on the show; and the musician whom he would most like to have as a guest.

As for the best guest ever, Jamieson said, "Uncle Ted, Ted Nugent no doubt. First of all, we didn't have to do any work. We just had to introduce him. Then Ted does all the heavy lifting after that. He talked about his 40-year music career, he even got up and jammed at the end of the show. He's a one-man entertainment complex."

When it comes to the guest whom Jamieson was most thrilled to have on the show, he responded, "Lemmy, because Lemmy is my lifelong hero. To me, I'd just like to have Lemmy on every show. He can just sit there and smoke, he doesn't have to say anything and that'd be the coolest stuff ever."

And, finally, as far as his dream guest who hasn't been on the show yet, Jamieson says, "Eddie Van Halen. He watches the show, he's been in communication. He sent us an amplifier. I'm thinking, if he keeps sending little bits of him each time -- maybe he can send a pair of speakers next time, then some jeans, a shirt -- and maybe we'll finally get the full Eddie at some point."

Check back for more from our interview with Don Jamieson, and tune in at Feb. 21 at 9PM ET for the season premiere of That Metal Show on VH1 Classic. In addition to Geddy Lee and John Petrucci in the season premiere, Season 14 will also feature guests from such bands as Anthrax, Slayer, Soulfly and more.

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