Last night's (April 7) episode of 'That Metal Show' featured classic artists as guests, namely Alice Cooper, along with Great White's Jack Russell. Cooper's segment was rife with revelations about his feelings regarding his entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, touring with Iron Maiden and his plans (or lack thereof) for retirement.

Cooper also spoke about meeting Elvis Presley, who showed him a loaded. 38! He feels his membership in the Hall of Fame is something that can help open doors for other artists who belong in there, and shared that his family's reaction was that of "You weren't in there already?" when he was finally inducted. How telling, right? Someone like Cooper shouldn't have had to wait to enter the Hall.

Cooper revealed he is psyched to hit the road with Iron Maiden imminently, acknowledging that Maiden are in a class all their own. "They are such old friends of ours," he said. "We play two entirely different kinds of shows. Ours is very theatrical and hard rock. Theirs is…Iron Maiden! We don't bump into each other much but we are all best friends."

Host Eddie Trunk mentioned that rock dudes younger than Cooper (he's 64) are already thinking about hanging up their microphones. That thought is not crossing the shock rocker's mind. "I never consider it. I never consider stopping. If you stop, you die," he said.

We hope we have Alice Cooper's stamina when we're his age.

Onetime Great White singer Russell spoke about the trademarking issues that he has dealt with regarding the band's name and his relationship with former members as they've splintered off and perform the band's songs separately. Despite the hardships that he has faced with his health in recent years, he's not giving up.

This week's guests certainly showed that rock and roll and heavy metal have no age limitations.