The Darkness are ready to fire up your day with the scintillating lead single and title track from their forthcoming album, Motorheart.

The foot-stomping new song rips along with muscular riffs, pounding beats and the sky-reaching falsetto of singer Justin Hawkins.

The vocalist says of the new track, “'Motorheart' rocks harder than anything we’ve done before. It makes me happy and proud to crank it up and literally shake my Swiss chalet to its foundations. Dan did an awesome job on the production, it’ll take your face off, but your skull will be grinning from meatus to meatus. Please, to enjoy.”

The song itself is the band's ode to a devoted sex robot. Check out the lyrics for "Motorheart" below.

The Darkness, "Motorheart" Lyrics

I never have to listen to
Ridiculous opinions
She never tries to make me
Into one of her minions
The touch of a button
A steely caress
You need a Phillips screwdriver
To get her undressed
But she’s mine, all mine
She isn’t programmed to deceive me
Oh mine, all mine
And I kept the receipt
In case you don’t believe me
She will never leave me

Oh MotorHeart
Love me like a human being
Treat you like a queen
Oh MotorHeart
She is literally a love machine

She never takes offense at
Anything I say or do
She is not over sensitive
The opposite is true
Not burdened by ambition
Never talks about her dreams
Doesn’t often fire lasers from her eyeballs as she screams
That she’s mine all mine
And I will never grow to hate her
Oh mine all mine
But if she starts playing up
I’ll send her back to her creator
Or just recalibrate her

Oh MotorHeart
Love me like a human being
Treat you like a queen
Oh MotorHeart
She is literally a love machine

A little bit of heartache
Is impossible to avoid
I never had much luck with women
So I bought myself a droid
She’s always got a smile on
Her metal chest is extra large
And when I’ve had enough of her
I just put her on charge
There was a spark between us
But I fear it may be lost
I thought she would obey my every command
Must have got our wires crossed
I’m not an electrician
And I don’t know what makes her tick
I’ll read the manual later
Maybe I can get her to make me a sandwich

She is the sweetest design
And I can’t believe she’s mine

Love me like a human being
Treat you like a queen
Oh MotorHeart
She is literally a love machine

As stated, Motorheart is also the name of The Darkness upcoming album. As you might expect from the band's history, the set promises to be a full force rock 'n' roll bash. You can look for the album arriving Nov. 19 via Cooking Vinyl.

The group will offer the record in a variety of formats including standard and deluxe versions, digitally, on CD, as a heavyweight black vinyl, limited edition color LPs and even in old-school cassette format. Get your pre-orders in here.

The band has also booked a tour of the U.K. for late fall. Dates launch Nov. 17 in Brighton with shows scheduled through Dec. 17 in London in support of the new album. Ticketing info for the run can be found here.

The Darkness, "Motorheart"

The Darkness, Motorheart Artwork + Track Listing

Cooking Vinyl
Cooking Vinyl

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So Long *

* - bonus deluxe tracks

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