The Devil Wears Prada are out on the hard-hitting Mayhem Festival this year, and the festival booking comes at perfect timing, as the Ohio-based metal-core guys recently unleashed their new 'Dead & Alive' concert set, featuring killer footage from their 'Dead Throne' tour.

Loudwire caught up with bass player Andy Trick at the Detroit stop of Mayhem, and Trick said playing the tour has been nothing short of "surreal" thus far. Watch our video interview below.

"It’s very surreal first off, playing with bands like Slayer and Slipknot and all these legendary metal bands that we’ve been listening to since we were, like, this tall," Trick said, motioning towards the ground. "So, first off, that’s what I think, and secondly, the shows are awesome. It’s another great summer festival."

As for why the guys waiting so long to release their first live collection, considering that they're known for their lives shows, Trick said the timing just seemed right.

"We’ve always wanted for years now to throw out something … to get our live show out there [and] available for people who can’t make it out to our live shows in person, and it just finally worked out recently where we able to talk to people and get it rolling … at the end of our Dead Throne tour last summer," he explained. "Basically, it’s just the show that we put on every day, and you finally get to see it on your TV or computer, and there’s also a CD of the live recording that comes with it. I’m very excited about it"

While the Devil Wears Prada are known for their Christian beliefs, Trick says that doesn't mean they're treated any differently on Mayhem than any other band. "I just go into every tour thinking the exact same thing, going, 'Hey, it’s whatever. We feel this and we do this on stage. You guys believe differently. That’s cool. I’m cool with that. I hope you guys are,'" he said. "Respect, all around, is what I go with.”

Watch Loudwire's Video Interview with Andy Trick of the Devil Wears Prada