The Devil Wears Prada have announced that they will be releasing their as-yet-untitled new album Sept. 17 via Roadrunner Records.

The new disc will be the group’s follow-up to their 2011 ‘Dead Throne’ and will be their debut release via Roadrunner Records in the United States. Producer Adam Dutkiewicz, who is the guitarist for Killswitch Engage, is producing the new album, as he did for 'Dead Throne.'

The teaser video below shows intense clips of some band members recording and was shot and edited by guitarist Jeremy DePoyster and bassist Andy Trick.

In a recent interview with Loudwire, frontman Mike Hranica talked about writing the new record by saying that ‘Dead Throne’ influenced the new material. “I definitely feel a little bit of a carry-over from ‘Dead Throne,’ particularly because it was a very cool record for me learning, for me learning to write better and that was working with a new [producer] … working with Adam [Dutkiewicz] for the first time and having [A Day to Remember's] Jeremy McKinnon working on some of the songs with us, and I feel I took a lot from that.”

He does go on to say that it theoretically will be different from the last record by stating, “I can say that nothing got more happy or uplifting really. So I think it’s very much the Devil Wears Prada but also it’s got a bit of freshness and originality to it and I think that even musically we started approaching the songs differently.”

It was also announced that the band will be performing at this year’s Alliance Fest on Aug. 3 in McDonald, Pa., as well as the Intensity Music Festival on Aug. 4 in Arlington, Va. The group is also set to make an appearance at Chicago’s Riot Fest, which takes place Sept. 13-15 at Humboldt Park in Chicago, Ill. For a full list of tour dates, go here.

Check out The Devil Wears Prada Teaser Video For the New Album:

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