The Devil Wears Prada lead singer Mike Hranica was pretty spent by the end of his band's 'Dead Throne' tour at the close of 2011. It even showed in his speaking voice, which he acknowledged. Despite that fact, the vocalist conceded that this tour was ideal for him and his mates.

When speaking with Bare Bones Music Network, Hranica said, "It is the most bittersweet ending to a tour. It's been long. We did Australia before this one, but, man, the bands on the tour are so good." He continued to rave, saying, "It's great dudes hanging out, getting to play so many songs and play songs from the new record. Everything is ideal. It is the perfect tour." Perfect tours don't come around often, so we're glad to hear that Hranica enjoyed his latest stint on the wide, open road.

As we said, physically, Hranica was spent, admitting his voice was giving out and that he was in need of a much-deserved rest. He was reflective of the tour and about life on the road as a whole and it was certainly interesting. It's refreshing to see an artist so honest about his experiences with touring, and how he transforms from living on the road for 10 weeks, in sweat-soaked, cramped quarters and then unwinding at home, in front of the TV and on the couch. It's certainly a culture shock for rockers, and Hranica summed it up beautifully!

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Watch The Devil Wears Prada's Mike Hranica Chat With Bare Bones Music Network