While on tour in support for their latest album, Transcendence, the Devin Townsend Project hit New York City's PlayStation Theater in the heart of Times Square on Friday, Sept. 16.

The evening began with some older favorites, “Night” and “By Your Command” off of Townsend’s solo records. The new track “Failure” was also unleashed. The mood of the night beamed with positivity as Townsend himself was all smiles throughout the set. During “Rejoice,” he even told a fan in the front row, “Smile, mother f---ker!”

The band as a whole are a talented entity, another new song “Stormbending” takes you on a melodic rollercoaster and live guitarist Dave Young brings the riffs to life. “As children of the ‘80s we bring you this…” Townsend said before performing the hypnotic and somewhat tranquil, “Where We Belong.”

“F—k this ‘80s s---. Who here is a metal head?” Cheers ensued and so did the chaos as the pummeling beginning of “Ziltoid Goes Home” filled the venue. That very song shows the musicianship of the band in six and a half minutes. “As a singer, let me just say f—k that song in the a—,” said Townsend.

The fan favorite “Kingdom” then kicked in and crowdsurfers came alive. Another special moment of the set was an acoustic performance of “Ih-Ah!” where Townsend dedicated the tune to two fans in the crowd, Andy and Karen, who were planning on getting married to the song.

The soaring night appropriately ended with “Higher.” The nearly 10-minute track has tenderness and intensity which amps up, slows down and does everything in between both vocally and musically. Call it prog-rock, experimental, fusion etc., the Devin Townsend Project offer an entrancing experience musically in concert.

Taking the stage beforehand were supporting act Between the Buried and Me. Also known as BTBAM, the band is in a league of their own, as they blend so many styles and techniques of music that mesh so well together. Not only was their sound and energy gripping but their lighting complemented each change of pace of the many songs they performed. BTBAM and The Devin Townsend Project on one bill is a match made in heaven.

San Francisco metalers Fallujah opened up the show with a commanding set. The band is currently touring in support of their new album Dreamless. Half of their set was made of fresh tracks like “Amber Gaze,” “Scar Queen,” “Wind for Wings” and “The Void Alone.”

Check out our photo gallery above of all of the bands performing in New York City!

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