Swedish band  return with a revamped lineup and a new album. 'Exit Wounds' will be released Sept. 2 via Century Media Records. You can listen to the new song 'Cutting Teeth' via Decibel above.

After the exit of vocalist Peter Dolving, former singer Marco Aro returns as The Haunted's frontman. After a 14-year absence, drummer Adrian Erlandsson (At the Gates, Cradle of Filth) also rejoins the band. Those two join new guitarist Ola Englund (Six Feet Under) along with longtime members Jonas Bjorler (bass) and Patrik Jensen (guitar).

Aro talks about the new track 'Cutting Teeth:' "Here's an evil little piece of work that was one of the last songs we recorded for 'Exit Wounds.' It represents quite a lot of what The Haunted is all about: Breaking new ground, pissing people off, exploring unfamiliar territories, all of this...just to feed the hungry machine that is The Haunted Always curious, always hungry, always thirsting for more....in words...'Cutting Teeth'!"

The band has also revealed that Testament's Chuck Billy will guest on the track "Trend Killer" along with guitarist Jed Simon (Scar the Martyr, Strapping Young Lad).

"I have always been a The Haunted fan and became friends with the band over the years," Billy says. "When they asked if I would like to sing on a song for the new album with Marco singing, I didn't have to think twice about doing it. When I received the track and listened for the first time, I said 'F--k yeah ... this is gonna be brutal!'"

The Haunted - Exit Wounds
Century Media Records

The Haunted - 'Exit Wounds' Track Listing

1. '317'
2. 'Cutting Teeth'
3. 'My Salvation'
4. 'Psychonaut'
5. 'Eye Of The Storm'
6. 'Trend Killer'
7. 'Time (Will Not Heal)'
8. 'All I Have'
9. 'Temptation'
10. 'My Enemy'
11. 'Kill The Light'
12. 'This War'
13. 'Infiltrator'
14. 'Ghost In The Machine'