Clowns -- creepy or cool? Wherever you lie on that debate, The Offspring's new "Coming for You" video can be used to strengthen that point. But when it comes to mimes, we're seeing a whole new viciousness rarely associated with the passive artists.

In the highly creative video above, the band takes a back seat to a group of clowns who are seriously badass in their fighting skills, duking it out with the skills of a young Jean Claude Van Damme. And all of a sudden the play fighting that we typically laugh at turns very real and extremely bloody.

But as the song title suggests, there's something coming for these makeup sporting, red-nosed warriors and it arrives in the form of a mime, who drops in via balloon and finds his mimicked actions first acting as a mode of self-defense and ultimately a weapon.

In an interview with Mashable, who premiered the video, Dexter Holland reveals that the idea came from director Josh Forbes. "It's pretty hard to resist when somebody suggests an idea like Fight Club, but with clowns," says Holland.

As for new music, Holland reiterated the idea that the band is taking time on their next disc even though a new song has been released. "We have one song completely done and out, and I'm working on more," says the vocalist.

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