This is the moment fans of The Offspring have been waiting for! The punk icons have long promised a follow-up to 2012's Days Go By, but many days have come and gone without hearing much from the band. They've hinted at new music in recent years, but now it seems that they're committed to getting a new disc out some time next year.

Both frontman Dexter Holland and guitarist Noodles were interviewed at Rock in Rio (video below) and were pressed about when fans can expect their next album to be released and how the process is going. "It is true. We're working on it," began Holland. Noodles continued, "We have been, yeah, for a while. We've got a few songs already done. We want to do a couple more and we definitely wanna get something out soon. Our fans have waited long enough, I think, so we want to get something in their hands that they can listen to and hold and put in their ears." Holland chimed back in, adding, "2018, for sure."

Since the release of Days Gone By, The Offspring have kept busy, touring for the 20th anniversary of Smash in 2014, performing it in full at select shows. Holland was also taking time to complete his Ph.D in molecular biology, which he received in May earlier this year. "My research focused on the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, the virus which causes AIDS. I am interested in virology and wanted to contribute in some small way to the knowledge which has been learned about HIV and AIDS. This terrible disease remains a worldwide epidemic – over 35 million people worldwide are currently infected and living with the HIV virus. Over one million people a year die from this disease," said the frontman.

Upon release, Days Gone By charted at No. 12 on the Billboard 200, just two spots down from the peak position of 2008's Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. While the studio absence has been felt by fans, they did receive some sort of consolation for their wait as The Offspring released the "Coming for You" single in 2015.

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