Canadian rockers the Veer Union are prepping to release their sophomore album, 'Divide the Blackened Sky,' out March 26 via Rocket Science Ventures. The band is jump-starting the release of their new collection with a power-packed lead single, 'Bitter End,' which is already at active rock radio’s doorstep.

If upcoming album follows suit to 'Bitter End,' fans are in for a series of brazen, full-voiced hard rock tracks. From its genesis, 'Bitter End' carries an aggressive mix of bottom-heavy riffs and soulful, radio-friendly melodies.

The song starts with a quiet introduction and quickly crescendos to make way for lead singer Crispin Earl’s emotive vocals. “Oh, my mind is clear / I have no fear / ‘cause I know the other side of me! / I'm letting go of who I used to be / Now I'm alive, feel born again / And I will fight until the bitter end,” Earl sings in a whispered, sorely intense tone.

Scaling guitars wrap Earl’s vocal lines until everything explodes into an anthemic, high-octane chorus. “I won't ever surrender right back / I know better, to ever fall back / The enemy was living in my head / I ripped it out and left it for dead!” Earl cries out into the chorus’ thick, dynamic riffing and heavy beats. Throughout the song, the guitar lines twist and turn, shifting dramatically but staying melodic and assessable to listener.

'Bitter End' reminds fans that the Veer Union can be bone crushing but, at the same time, hold a sense of melody. From the soulful vocals to the dark, pounding rhythms, 'Bitter End' is a compelling listen and gives good evidence that the Veer Union will continue to live up to their high standards on 'Divide the Blackened Sky.'

Check Out the Lyric Video for the Veer Union's 'Bitter End'