Hardcore punk act The Weapon, led by Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach, released their two-song debut EP today, featuring the tracks "At What Cost" and "Shotgun Anarchy," which can be heard below. Leach and his bandmates, guitarist Chris Drapeau, bassist Josh Mihlek and drummer Andy Mass, recorded the EP at Dark City Studios in Yonkers, N.Y.

Speaking to Revolver, Leach says he's not trying to make polished and produced music with The Weapon; instead the band focuses on getting a feeling across - a rather angry feeling, at that. Frenetic and brief, both tracks are bursts of classic old school punk.

"I grew up in the hardcore scene from the age of 14, so it's my culture, it's in my blood," he says. "I love the raw power the energy and the messages hardcore music provides. That and it's just fun to do simple, fast, pissed-off music."

While the music is only available digitally now - distributed via Bandcamp - Leach says The Weapon plan on recording and putting out more music and merchandise in the future including vinyl, shirts and patches. He'd also like to set up some gigs in the Northeast to benefit various causes.

"At the moment I've only got a few songs written," Leach says. "So the themes thus far range from political corruption, human rights to keeping a positive mindset in the face of the hardships of life. We are sort of a mix of crust punk and post-youth, lyrically, which is sort of a contradiction, but it feels right. Pissed that the world is going to s--t vs. keeping a positive state of mind."

The Weapon Self-Titled EP

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