Three Days Grace are between albums at the moment, but do have a little something tide fans over. The band recently recorded a cover of Phantogram's recent hit "You Don't Get Me High Anymore," and you can hear it in the player above.

The Three Days Grace version replaces the female vocals with Matt Walst's more aggressive and rough vocals, while the Three Days Grace rendition is a more raw version, replacing the synth-y sounds of the original with piano and guitar.

"In October, we were set up in a Toronto studio recording some live-off-the-floor music ideas, which we often like to do... just plug-in, hit the red button and see what happens," revealed drummer Neil Sanderson. "Brad started playing the bass line to this Phantogram song. We’d been talking the day before about how much we liked 'You Don’t Get Me High Anymore' … really cool riff and lyrics. We started jamming it in a different key and tempo than the original, and it sounded really heavy and trashy in a good way."

He adds, "[I'm] pretty sure we kept the second or third take, once we learned the arrangement on the fly. We love recording spur of the moment things like this. We think it turned out pretty cool so we decided to share it."

The song is currently available to purchase via iTunes, Amazon and GooglePlay. At present, it isn't attached to any album and is a standalone cut. However, the guys are currently in the writing process for their follow-up to the 2015 effort, Human. Stay tuned to see what comes next.

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