It was truly one of the feel good stories of 2018. During a Three Days Grace show in Edmonton, one fan spotted a young woman in the audience signing the lyrics of "Just Like You" to her father. The video went viral, even capturing the attention of the band. Now there's a feel-good update to that story.

Karri Carberry, the woman at the center of that video, has checked in via TikTok with an update on what happened after that video went viral. As stated, Three Days Grace caught notice of the video and tweeted about it, but things didn't end there.

Karri shares in her new TikTok story that drummer Neil Sanderson messaged her. Not long after that, her new contact within the band turned into something even more helpful as Sanderson revealed he had a friend in the audiology field who wanted to reach out and offer a hearing upgrade for her father. There was an initiative named Campaign for Better Hearing and they agreed to pay 100 percent of the costs if there was interest.

"Neil and a friend of his teamed up and gifted my dad with a brand new set of hearing aids with all the costs covered," she exclaimed in her story, showing the joy of both father and daughter upon receiving the gift. Check it out below.

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