Three Days Grace are among the rock acts embracing the genre-blurring lines created by many rock-influenced hip-hop artists. The band recently guested on a newly dropped track from producer Bighead with Yung Booke and Young Thug called "Emotions" that can be heard in the player below.

The track strikes a more solemn vibe with the delivery flowing over a hypnotic vibe, accentuated by the lyric, "Walking like a zombie / Got me going through the motions / Going through the motions / Going with emotions."

Three Days Grace's Neil Sanderson says of how the band came to be part of the track, "Bighead and I became friends after we met through Lil Peep’s collab on 'witchblades,' where they sampled the 3DG song 'The Real You.' We started throwing around a ton of fresh ideas with different artists in L.A. and over Zoom during the pandemic."

He adds, "When 'Emotions' came about, the mellow, downtempo feel of the band playing along Bighead’s unique trap vibe was something we thought was really cool and decided to record it. It was crazy when Young Thug heard it and wanted to put verses down on it with Booke! Here’s what we all came up with."

Bighead appeared psyched upon the song's release, tweeting out, "I have a song out with @iAmYungBooke, @youngthug and @threedaysgrace. This shit crazy."

Have a listen in the player below and if you like what you hear, the track is currently available here.


Bighead, Yung Booke, Three Days Grace and Young Thug, "Emotions"

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