Guest blogger Neil Sanderson of Three Days Grace checks in as a regular contributor with an exclusive column for Loudwire. In his latest entry, the drummer shares his joy at having a few weeks off for the holidays, reveals some of his favorite new albums, shares his concern over The Ghost Inside and Hinder after their recent bus crashes, details Three Days Grace's initial 2016 plans and thanks fans for their support in the Loudwire Music Awards. Check out Neil's latest entry below:

Even though I know what’s coming (blizzards, ice, highway white-outs, frost bite, darkness), I think this is my favorite time of year to come home after a very, very long (and awesome) 2015 tour. I can watch tons of football (American that is - Go Packers), play lots of hockey and watch the Toronto Maple Leafs lose again (which is happening as I write this in this moment for f--k sake), freeze my ass off hunting in a tree-stand waiting for big buck to pass in front, and sit around a winter bonfire, burning all the wood my buddies and I cut during my 4.5 days I had off this past summer. Most of all … chilling with family is great in December. All this stuff is in my blood. I think I’m addicted to fresh air, which shouldn’t come as a surprise as I spent most of this year on a tour bus with 11 other dudes. Don’t even ask about the air quality in the sleeping area of the bus … brutal, just brutal.

Six weeks off right now. I can’t remember the last time I said that. That’s the way we like it though … making music non-stop in some capacity; whether it’s throwing down out in front of a big rock crowd, or spending 16 hours a day in the studio pouring our hearts out onto a record, I can collectively say that all the members of 3DG are workaholics. Give us five days without it and we begin to go through musical withdrawal. Ever watch The Knick? It’s kinda like that except it isn’t 1900, it isn’t cocaine and heroin and we aren’t surgeons.

New albums -- If you haven’t checked out Bring Me The Horizon's That’s the Spirit, you need to. It’s badass. Another one that caught my ear in a big way is the self-titled album by Nothing But Thieves.

We had a couple scary bus trips on this last Canadian tour, notably when we headed up to Northern Alberta on the road that’s been coined “Highway of Death.” I didn’t get much sleep that night, and upon realizing we had to go straight through the Rocky Mountains in a blizzard the following night, the band and crew had the option to fly and some of us opted to. Even though most bus drivers in the entertainment industry are total pros at what they do, it can get pretty dicey. I can tell you that laying back and trying to sleep while you’re driving through the night along the side of cliff on ice is a freaky feeling. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the wreck that The Ghost Inside was involved in, and I’m glad that our buds in Hinder are all okay.

You know how I said we don’t like time off and are workaholics -- well, we’re starting right back up after the new year with a big tour in UK, Europe, Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia! Last time we were over there it was an unforgettable experience. They were some of the most memorable concerts we’ve ever had! Can wait to kick off our tour in Manchester, England Jan. 13. You can check out the entire list of dates here!

Last but not least, on behalf of all Three Days Grace I would like to thank all the fans and Loudwire readers for voting us Best Rock Band of 2015 in the annual Loudwire Music Awards. This means a hell of a lot to us and we’re grateful for having so many amazing fans out there. 3DG wishes each and every one of you happy and healthy holidays and here’s to an amazing new year!

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