With this being the 50th anniversary of Judas Priest, former vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens has shared his desire to collaborate with the singer who both preceded and followed him in the band, Rob Halford.

Speaking to the Ouch, You're on My Hair podcast (heard in the player below), Owens stated, "We've never talked about it, which would be pretty awesome. Rob and I are friends, and it's great… I would love to do something with Rob, and I've always thought about it, and I think the fans would love it. Even if we do a song or two."

Owens even has an idea for a song he'd like to team up on. "Somebody laughed when I said this, but for the last 15 years, I've always said, man, I would love to do the [Queen + David Bowie] song 'Under Pressure' with Rob. It would be a great cover. And it's funny, 'cause [that song features] two of my favorite singers, Freddie [Mercury] and especially David Bowie — I absolutely love David Bowie — and for Rob and I to do it, I think it would be an amazing thing."

Since Owens' exit, Priest have typically strayed from music recorded during his era, but Halford recently stated that he was "up for" playing some of that material during their 50th anniversary run.

Owens said of that possibility, "I would love to hear Priest [perform some of our songs I recorded]. Listen, their 50-year celebration, you just can't ignore the almost 10 years I was actually in the band. I know they have kind of ignored it, and I understand why, but at this point, it would be cool to throw in a 'Burn in Hell.'"

Judas Priest's 50th anniversary tour starts May 30 in Helsinki, Finland. See all of their scheduled dates here.

Listen to Tim "Ripper" Owens on the Ouch, You're on My Hair Podcast

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