Tool drummer Danny Carey recently gave a group of young musicians the thrill of their lives. During a gig by the band Reformed, Danny Carey jumped behind the drum kit to anchor down a performance of “The Pot” with awesome results.

These kids come from the Burbank Music Academy in California. Opened in 2007, the center aims “to expand the number of young people who are exposed to a music education, to develop the talent, ability and character of young artists and to support community efforts to return arts education to our schools.” Danny Carey obviously digs what the Academy is doing, because he sat behind perhaps the smallest drum kit he’s played in 20 years to give Reformed an experience they’ll never forget.

Each member of Reformed was on-point while performing the complex Tool song, keeping up with Carey’s world-class drumming. According to a YouTube description, this was actually the young band’s final gig:

Reformed's final gig got a surprise guest, Danny Carey! (the drummer of TOOL) Terrible sound quality on my iPhone but fun to have this memory of Kt Harms and her old band (Jacob Wilder, Grace Goyanes, Michael Wisz) playing with Danny. He could not have been nicer or more supportive of the kids. Burbank Music Academy continually provides amazing learning opportunities for their young musicians.

You can see by the smile on Danny’s face that he’s having a blast, so check out the footage of this drumming colossus performing “The Pot” with some talented kids!

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