Tool are currently in the process of writing one of hard rock's most anticipated albums. With the band's last album, '10,000 Days,' having been released in 2006, Tool fans have been mentally pacing in circles, awaiting a taste of new materials from their psychedelic heroes. Luckily, drummer Danny Carey has offered an update on where Tool are in their writing process.

In an interview with the Children of Saturn radio show last week, Carey offered a new update on where Tool are in terms of songwriting. “The Tool thing is happening," says Carey. "Me, Adam and Justin are banging away. Trying to get enough [material] to get Maynard in there, but there is no wine before it’s time."

Late last year, Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan spoke about the upcoming record. "I'm allowing [my bandmates] their space to do what they do, so we're still in that mode … They write forever and then we go in and knock it out. We're writing. We're writing vocals, but nothing's solid." Danny Carey offered an update of his own in May, stating that Tool hadn't begun recording, but they "have the framework for at least five good songs."

Tool have long been a jam band when it comes to songwriting, reportedly putting a tremendous amount of hours into the craft of '10,000 Days.' It seems that Tool are still constructing the musical foundations for their upcoming album, with Maynard joining them once they find stable ground.

Stay tuned for more news on Tool's fifth full-length album as details are revealed.

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