It's okay to admit that your favorite band has flaws no matter how much you worship them. Even Tool fans have some complaints, and a bunch of them have discussed what they dislike the most about the band in a new post online.

The conversation took place on a Reddit thread titled "What are things you dislike about Tool." There are over 200 comments from a bunch of fellow Tool fans, with some expressing actual disdain over some aspects of the band, and others voicing sarcastic frustrations.

One of the top complaints is that there's "no pro shot live footage" of the band's performances. This led to a debate as to whether they're going to officially release any videos of their concerts, particularly because they have a videographer on tour with them. But there is hardly amateur footage from Tool shows available online either, as they have a strict "no phones" policy at their concerts, and only allow fans to record the final song of the evening so as not to distract fellow attendees during the rest of the show.

"Many of their fans," was another comment posted on the thread, referring to Tool's fanbase, with someone replying, "Especially when they cry about posters and think the band sabotages their own merch sales to get back at the scalpers."

"Selfishly I just want more music and more albums," another person wrote, with several others agreeing that the wait between the group's studio albums is too long.

Other quibbles people noted are that certain albums are not available on vinyl, that there's a "lack of variety" in their live setlists, merch designs and prices for their concert tickets. On the other hand, some commenters joked that the band "owes" them a special performance of a song after failing to play it at a certain show they went to.

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Check out the full discussion by clicking the Reddit post below.

Tool are currently on the road, with their fall tour leg wrapping up in late November in Toronto. They also recently announced a 20-date winter tour with Elder that'll kick off in mid-January. See all of their upcoming dates on their website.

What are things you Dislike about TOOL
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