While Tool albums are often well conceived and reviewed, bassist Justin Chancellor revealed to NME that they often don't come without some pressure. In fact, Chancellor detailed where their greatest pressure comes from and he also revealed an added bit of pressure that they're facing with work on their current release.

Tool's Greatest Pressure

Given the band's often lengthy periods between albums, it's probably no surprise that one of the greatest pressures the band faces is the public's anticipation.

"The only pressure comes when we announce that we're working on something new, because then we have to make our own predictions for when it'll come out, and obviously you feel like you let people down if you don't release it in a certain amount of time," says Chancellor.

He adds, "It's a nice feeling that people still want new stuff, but also they've got to understand that it's not the easiest thing to do. It's not a simple thing and it's not always a natural thing that comes at the time you want it to come. Art is a very strange animal and it has its own schedule."

Tool's Newest Pressure

Chancellor has been among the band members expressing their desire for a quicker turnaround after the decade-plus period it took for Fear Inoculum to arrive. But that leads to a new pressure .... the pressure of time.

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“We’re just getting old, so it’s the pressure of time. Danny [Carey] has just turned 63, so if we take 13 more years we’ll be touring when we’re over 70! Now there’s more of a necessity to get something cooking a little faster if we want to keep going strong," says Chancellor.

Within the chat, Chancellor says the band has been open to the ideas of EPs or releasing singles, but adds, "The way that we like to do stuff is to present a whole package with the art and with a theme to it." So he sees an EP as a possible compromise between a full album and limiting yourself by issuing singles individually, giving out only pieces at a time. That said, the form of Tool's next release has not been decided as of yet.

Tool In 2024

While Tool continue to work toward a new album, the band has also set aside time for touring in 2024. They're currently in the midst of a tour leg in the U.K. and Europe, with dates and ticketing info found at their website.

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