Tool’s long-awaited new album, Fear Inoculum, will revolutionize the world of physical media. Despite releasing their entire discography on streaming and downloading platforms, the CD copy of Fear Inoculum will give fans an experience beyond any digital option.

Tool have a history of giving fans more. The 10,000 Days CD came with a thick cardboard booklet with a pair of stereoscopic eyeglasses to view 3D images. A Perfect Circle also spoiled fans with Eat the Elephant, releasing the first ever hologram disc. The album came with a special prism, that when placed on a smartphone screen, showed holographic visuals to accompany the record.

According to an official description of Fear Inoculum, the limited edition CD “includes a CD in a tri-fold Soft Pack Video Brochure featuring a 4" HD rechargeable screen with exclusive video footage, a USB charging cable, a 2 watt speaker and a 36 page insert book and MP3 download card.”

The groundbreaking technology included with the limited edition version of Fear Inoculum will cost $45, music included.

"I took a picture pointing to the number seven while we were recording, and a lot of the riffs Justin [Chancellor] and I brought in were in seven," guitarist Adam Jones told Guitar World about the album. "You don't really go, 'I'm going to write a riff in seven!'...Without being too descriptive about the concept, the main thing is that the seven beat just kept coming up, and riffs in seven kept coming up. It was really weird!"

Tool released the album’s title track earlier today, sending it to No. 1 on the iTunes Top Songs chart. Fear Inoculum will be released Aug. 30. Check out Tool's tour dates here.

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