Even the biggest stinker of an album can redeem itself with a killer track. In this Loud List, we point out truly incredible songs that are hidden in some of rock and metal’s most disappointing albums.

1997 was a horrible time to be a Metallica fan. Load underwhelmed the previous year and hardcore metalheads were flipping out over the band’s new short-haired look. Though Metallica had put the first stain on their essentially perfect discography, fans still rushed out to buy Reload and were immediately ecstatic for its opening track, “Fuel.” Sadly, it all went downhill following the instant classic, with the remaining 71 minutes of Reload delivering Metallica’s most uninspired material yet.

Iron Maiden’s Fear of the Dark album is widely considered to be the band’s worst with Bruce Dickinson. Fans could smell dissension in Maiden’s ranks, as the iconic act unveiled their first legitimate garbage pile in 1992. Strangely enough, Fear of the Dark boasts its strongest material near the end of the album, with “Judas Be My Guide” and “Fear of the Dark” offering an unexpectedly nice aftertaste for fans who had just swallowed 10 forgettable tracks. 26 years later, “Fear of the Dark” is an essential part of Maiden’s setlist and perhaps the ultimate singalong for packed arenas.

Red Hot Chili Peppers bringing Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro into the band is universally seen as a mistake, not because of Navarro’s skill level, but more due to the stylistic rift he brought into the funk-heavy band. Navarro just didn’t have the soul of Hillel Slovak or John Frusciante, so the band’s only album with Navarro, One Hot Minute, tanked creatively. Despite the Navarro mismatch, RHCP were able to pump out “Aeroplane,” a beaming ray of light within the abyss of One Hot Minute.

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