Even the greatest rock and metal bands have released a dud or two over the decades. It’s all part of traveling into the abyss of creative evolution, but a select number of bands boast discographies untainted by an album that stunted their momentum.

For this list, we ranked bands based on how many albums they’ve released and what those albums have done for metal as a whole. Bands with longer streaks of amazing albums are mostly ranked higher, but acts like Nirvana and Rage Against the Machine, who each released three proper studio albums, still take high spots because of how impactful they were and still are.

Some of these bands simply seem bulletproof. Mastodon may be the ultimate example of a 21st century act that has not and can not disappoint. There’s nothing even close to a weak album in Mastodon’s history, which has helped catapult the band to the status of modern legends. Opeth is another strong example, with perhaps an unparalleled discography of incredible music spanning 11 albums and 25 years.

Who made our list of the Top 10 Bands That Have Never Made a Bad Album? See for yourself in the video above!

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